Metal Super Mini Ring

CAS NO.: 12597-68-1

Appearance: Ring

Standard Packaging: 1 m3/Jumbo bag.

Delivery Time : 7-14 days

Quality Insurance: National Standard HG/T 4374-2012, HG/T 21556.1-1995, HG/T 21556.2-1995 .

20”GP Load :20 m3        40”GP Load: 40 m3


Metal Super Mini Ring(SMR), an advanced random packing type, has similar structure with metal casecade mini ring, which has rectangular openings, conical edge and reduced height. But the metal super mini ring doesn’t have the curved blade. It can improve the strength of packing through adjusting the arc of continuously bending curved rib. Super mini ring can ensure orderly place and fluent flowing channel. besides, this design supplies low pressure drop and better treating capacity and mass transfer performance. Additional, because of the regular structure, it can ensure the uniform outward to increase the bulk density for better filtering and separating performance.

Material: carbon steel; SS 304, SS 304L, SS 410, SS 316, SS 316L.


  • Traditional internal fingers are changed into continuously bending curved rib.
  • The bevel edge are removed for higher strength and increased bulk density.
  • Thin wall thickness.
  • Large voidage.
  • High bulk density.
  • High flux.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Excellent treating capacity.
  • 20% increased mass transfer performance.
  • Increased bulk density.
  • High filtering and separating performance.
  • Large operating elasticity.
Metal Super Mini Ring


  • Liquid-liquid extraction.
  • Gas-liquid mass transfer.
  • Vacuum distillation.
  • Thermo-sensitive material distillation.
  • Decomposable plant material distillation.
  • Easy polymerization material distillation.
  • Easy carbonization material distillation.



area (m2/m3)

Void ratio(%)Number per

Bulk density




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