Your Reliable Supplier of Catalyst Bed Support Media
Chem Enviro is the leading supplier and manufacturer of ceramic catalyst bed support for the refinery, petrochemical, chemical and fertilizer industry.
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Tower Packing Center
Random packing and structured packing , all you need for mass transfer !
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High Performance Acid-Proof Brick
Acid-Proof Brick products are available customizable geometric shapes and sizes for today’s market.
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Focus On Chemical And Environmental Over 10 Years!

Specialised in manufacturing and supplying molecular sieve, activated alumina, silica gel, ceramic ball, acid resistant brick, random packing and structured packing etc.

Ceramic Balls

Support Media

Chem Enviro company supplies a range of industrial-grade inert support media, widely used for example, in refineries, chemistry, synthesis gas, and other petrochemical processes.

Molecular Sieve

Adsorbent & Catalyst

Molecular Sieves, Activated Alumina, Silica Gel Desiccants, And Other Specialty Adsorbents. Use for oil refineries and petrochemicals such as FCC, Hydrotreating, Sulfuric Acid Production, etc.

Ceramic Tower Packing

Mass Transfer

The open structure effectuates the separation of gas and liquid streams and thus facilitates a more effective mass transfer. It can be used in the drying, absorbing, and cooling towers.

MBBR Media

Water Treatment Media

Used in drinking water treatment or wastewater reclamation, and filtration and biological treatment. Applied in the field of water purification, petroleum, chemistry, and environmental protection.

acid resistant brick

Acid-Resistance Brick/Plate

The product used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, food, towers, pools, tanks, underground sewage channels, open ground and other anti-corrosion projects

Company Information

Chem Enviro Technology Co.,ltd

ShenZhen Chem Enviro Technology co.,ltd is a company specialized in the supplier and manufacture of catalysts and adsorbent, mass transfer, ceramic balls, water treatment media with quality and performance characteristics exceeding customer expectations owing to the implementation of high efficiency technologies and engineering.

We are committed to providing chemical products to the electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, aerospace, fire protection and other industries across the country and waste treatment industries both in China and around the world.

We have a skilled, responsible and committed team that ensures your requirements will be promptly and fully met. Please contact us about your requirements.

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Long History

More than 10 years in the chemical and environmental industry.

High Quality

Supplier and manufacture high quality chemical products.

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery by air or by express for the samples.

Wonderful Team

Professional sales team to offer fast response and good service.

Small Oder Acceptable

Small order is accepted. We treat every order well.


Customize is accpetable , such the size , shape and composition.


Chemical catalyst, filter agent application industry


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