Activated alumina filling preparation

  • The filling of activated alumina should be carried out after the system is purged and before drying.
  • Cut off the pipeline connected to the equipment with a valve, open the manhole of the equipment, analyze the internal oxygen content of the equipment at 20%, and then enter the equipment, inspect and clean the inside of the equipment thoroughly, and install the bottom grating. Ensure that the grille installed at the bottom of the tank is in the correct position. Check the volume of activated alumina filled. After passing the inspection, close the lower manhole.
  • Check whether activated alumina is the specified variety. Check whether the activated alumina is broken, otherwise, it must be sieved.
  • Install the wire mesh on the bottom grid and bolt it firmly.
  • Check the tools needed for filling activated alumina: containers (buckets) or canvas bags; scaffolding, rope ladders, air long tube masks, safety lights, protective glasses, and tools for leveling activated alumina used by the staff.
  • When inspecting activated alumina, because it needs to be moved to the upper platform of the equipment, it is better to use a crane to cooperate. You should prepare buckets, cloth bags, etc.
  • Matters needing attention when filling activated alumina
  • Because activated alumina is easy to crush, it should be handled with care when filling and handling. It should not fall freely from a height higher than 60 cm when filling and should slide down from the canvas bag.
  • When filling activated alumina, choose good weather to prevent activated alumina from getting damp during filling.
  • When the staff enters the equipment, they must analyze the oxygen content up to 21%, and the outside of the equipment has a special person to monitor. And to always have guardianship, you must maintain regular contact with it. The staff in the tank should be rotated appropriately.
  • It should be leveled at any time when filling.
  • Make a record of filling.
  • After the filling is completed, the person in charge should find the person in charge for inspection and acceptance. The upper manhole should be closed immediately after passing the test. If the filling is not completed on the same day, the upper manhole should be temporarily sealed when the staff leaves the filling site to prevent moisture. The activated alumina received on the same day must be installed on the same day.
  • To avoid the activated alumina being crushed, the operator should stand on the pedal to work.
  • After filling and resetting the manhole, an air purge should be carried out to remove the crushed fines.
  • If the cracker dryer needs to blow off the powder adhering to the activated alumina to the atmosphere. Dry air or dry nitrogen can be used for purging.
  • Filling method
  • Make preparations before filling in according to the above requirements.
  • The activated alumina is sent to the upper manhole platform of the equipment using a crane.
  • Pour the activated alumina into a pre-prepared bottomless cloth bag and slide it down through the bag, or use a small bucket to hoist the activated alumina into the bottom of the equipment, and the staff will pour the activated alumina in the small bucket into the equipment.
  • While filling, the staff should level the activated alumina inside the equipment.
  • Keep records during the filling process.
  • After the activated alumina is filled according to the design requirements, and the inert pellets are loaded, the project leader will close the upper manhole cover after passing the inspection.
  • Filling procedure
  • Check the position and condition of the grille wire mesh installed at the bottom of the tank.
  • Start to fill activated alumina

Use a canvas bag

If specified, inert balls should be placed on the screen to prevent catalyst (or activated alumina) particles from clogging the screen holes.

The catalyst, activated alumina is fragile and shall not be poured down from a height higher than 60cm.

Toeboards should be used when working in the tank.

Use a mask or air tube mask and protective goggles.

When filling the catalyst, activated alumina should be uniform, otherwise channeling will occur during operation.

  • Complete catalyst or activated alumina filling

Check and record the capacity of the catalyst or activated alumina.

Check the position and condition of the upper wire mesh and grille.

Check rope ladders, filling containers and scaffolding, etc.