Honeycomb Ceramic Catalyst Carrier

Standard Packaging:  1 m3 /Wooden Box

Delivery Time: 14-30 days

20”GP Load : 20 m3        40”GP Load: 40 m3


The catalyst carrier is mainly used in the automotives and other high-temperature process exhaust. The main material is cordierite, after coated the catalyst, catalytic conversion of the exhaust, so as to achieve the national emission standards. It has characteristics of large surface area, small expansion coefficient, high strength, high water absorption, and good matching with the catalytic active component, heating up fast and so on.

Product Characteristics

  • Large specific surface area: to ensure full access to the exhaust gas with the catalyst.
  • Stable water absorption: to ensure the catalyst evenly firmly attached to the surface of the catalyst carrier.
  • Warm-up: after start-up the engine, the temperature of the carrier can reach the catalyst activation temperature in the shortest possible time.
  • Low exhaust resistance: the engine’s exhaust resistance is small, to ensure that doesn’t affect the engine performance.
  • High strength: the operating environment of the catalyst carrier is in the bumpy car, so the catalyst carrier must be high strength without being external damage.
  • Good assembly: the carrier is an exhaust assembly parts, only good appearance and precise dimensions can ensure perfect assembly.
Honeycomb Ceramic Catalyst Carrier


Chemical CompositionSiO2%49-51
Wall Thicknessmm100 CPSI0.43
  200 CPSI0.32
  300 CPSI0.30
  400 CPSI0.18
  600 CPSI0.15
Crush StrengthA-axisMpa ≥16
 B-axisMpa ≥3
Water Absorption% 25±2
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion10-6/K-1 0.8-2.0
Maximum Operating Temperature°C ≥1370
Bulk DensityKg/L0.43-0.75


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