Acid-Proof Brick

CAS NO.: 66402-68-4

Appearance: Brick

Delivery Time: 7-14 days

Quality Insurance: National Standard  HG/T 4369-2012, GB/T 18749-2008

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal, West Union

20” GP Load: 20 m³        40” GP Load: 40 m³ (Palletized)


Acid resistant plates are widely used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, food, dairy, juice, paper, fertilizer, pesticide, chemical fiber, textile, smelting, power plants, electroplating rooms and other industries, as well as the anti-corrosion lining of towers, pools, tanks, and tanks. It plays a role of corrosion resistance in open ground and sewage treatment works.

The main component of the acid-resistant porcelain plate is sio2, which forms a lot of mullite under high temperature firing, which is a material with high acid resistance. The acid-resistant plate has a compact structure and low water absorption, so it can withstand anything at room temperature. Concentration of alkaline medium, except for molten alkali with high temperature. Acid-resistant board contains more than 70% silica and is sintered. It is often used in acid trenches, acid wells, acid storage and acid-carrying Impacted on the ground.

  1. General epoxy resin, acid-resistant mortar, acid-resistant cement paving, construction can be carried out according to the above-mentioned manufacturer’s product manual when paving;
  2. Clean the surface of concrete with oxalic acid to achieve acid-base neutralization;
  3. Industrial porcelain acid-resistant board, the width of the seam is about 2–5mm, and the depth of the seam should be equal to the thickness of the board to prevent leakage; after the paving, the surface should be washed with groove acid to help it be firmer.
  4. The product is often used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, chemical fiber, paper, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, food, dairy, fruit juice, electroplating rooms, towers, pools, tanks, tanks and other anti-corrosion projects, and in underground sewage channels and open ground It can also exert its corrosion resistance in working places.

Acid-proof and temperature-proof bricks, plates and tubes are used for lining of various reaction tanks, towers, tanks, stirring tanks and other equipment in industries such as nonferrous metal smelting, chemical industry and titanium dioxide, etc.

The product has been examined and approved by Beijing nonferrous metallurgy design institute, gansu chemical engineering design institute, jingdezhen ceramic institute and south China university of technology. Acid-proof and temperature-proof bricks, plates and tubes can be manufactured according to the requirements of the user or the design department’s drawings.

acid resistant brick


What are the main applications of acid-proof bricks?

Acid-proof ceramic tile is the new building material in recent years, application domain is all the time more hazy. In fact, there were applications of acid-proof materials in ancient China. Ancient sorcerers and alchemists, medicine and storage of traditional Chinese medicine all involved in acid-proof materials, but in that period, ceramics were used as the main body of acid-proof materials.

And in recent years along with the development of modern chemistry, common pottery and porcelain already far cannot satisfy the need of acid-proof alkali, acid-proof ceramic tile arises at the historic moment, under different environment, the acid-proof alkaline can requirement of acid-proof ceramic tile also differs somewhat, because this also makes the development of acid-proof ceramic tile industry presents the momentum of diversification.

Conventional acid-proof ceramic tile is mainly used in chemical industry, petroleum, medicine and other chemical biology applications. With the aggravation of climate pollution, the outdoor use brick of certain cities, square brick also has the performance of acid-proof ceramic tile gradually accordingly, the foreground of acid-proof ceramic tile is quite broad also, still need to use the acid-proof ceramic tile of custom-made sex in certain specific domain to satisfy the need below special environment.


Main chemical composition of tile and plate (%)
Main technical indexes:
Bulk densityG/cm32.31-2.4HG/T3210-2002 GB/T8488-2008
Water absorption%0.2
Acid resistance%99.8
Bending strengthMpa≥58.8
Compressive strengthMpa≥80
Acute coldness/heat


temperature difference 100°Cnot crack after 1 time
Main specification of tile and plate:
Standard tile230×113×65100×110×15
Rectangle tile113×113×65150×150×15-30
Transv wedge tile230×113×56/65150×70×15/-30
Transv wedge tile230×113×25/65100×100×10
End wedge tile230×113×55/6580×80×10
End wedge tile230×113×25/6550×50×10
End wedge tile230×113×65/45180×110×20-30
Narrow tile230×65×65 
Half narrow tile113×65×65 
The size is customized


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