Acid-Resistance Plate

Standard Packaging:  1 m3 /Wooden Box

Delivery Time : 14-30 days

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20”GP Load : 20 m3        40”GP Load: 40 m3


Acid-Resistance Plate

Acid resistant plate are widely used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, food, dairy, juice, paper, fertilizer, pesticide, chemical fiber, textile, smelting, power plants, electroplating rooms and other industries, as well as the anti-corrosion lining of towers, pools, tanks, and tanks. It plays a role of corrosion resistance in open ground and sewage treatment works.

The main component of the acid-resistant porcelain plate is sio2, which forms a lot of mullite under high temperature firing, which is a material with high acid resistance. The acid-resistant plate has a compact structure and low water absorption, so it can withstand anything at room temperature. Concentration of alkaline medium, except for molten alkali with high temperature. Acid-resistant board contains more than 70% silica and is sintered. It is often used in acid trenches, acid wells, acid storage and acid-carrying Impacted on the ground.

  1. General epoxy resin, acid-resistant mortar, acid-resistant cement paving, construction can be carried out according to the above-mentioned manufacturer’s product manual when paving;
  2. Clean the surface of concrete with oxalic acid to achieve acid-base neutralization;
  3. Industrial porcelain acid-resistant board, the width of the seam is about 2–5mm, and the depth of the seam should be equal to the thickness of the board to prevent leakage; after the paving, the surface should be washed with groove acid to help it be firmer.
  4. The product is often used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, chemical fiber, paper, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, food, dairy, fruit juice, electroplating rooms, towers, pools, tanks, tanks and other anti-corrosion projects, and in underground sewage channels and open ground, It can also exert its corrosion resistance in working places.
Main chemical composition of tile and plate (%)
SiO2 69.8
Al2O3 22.5
K2O 2.7
Na2O 0.95
CaO 0.82
MgO 0.12
Fe2O3 0.05
Main technical indexes:
Item Unit Value Standard
Bulk density G/cm3 2.31-2.4 HG/T3210-2002 GB/T8488-2008
Water absorption % 0.2
Acid resistance % 99.8
Bending strength Mpa ≥58.8
Compressive strength Mpa ≥80
Acute coldness/heat


temperature difference 100°C not crack after 1 time
Main specification of tile and plate:
Name Specification(mm) Specification(mm)
Standard tile 230×113×65 100×110×15
Rectangle tile 113×113×65 150×150×15-30
Transv wedge tile 230×113×56/65 150×70×15/-30
Transv wedge tile 230×113×25/65 100×100×10
End wedge tile 230×113×55/65 80×80×10
End wedge tile 230×113×25/65 50×50×10
End wedge tile 230×113×65/45 180×110×20-30
Narrow tile 230×65×65  
Half narrow tile 113×65×65  
The size is customized

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